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dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Intéressé par le jeu d'histoire ?

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  1. ne suis pas la suite de cette page avant d'amis, pas de n'avoir pas fait
    un câlin

  2. Bonsoir Phil! Des amis m´ont dit que le link lateral de mon blog est disparu de leurs blogs. C´est le cas a "Riflemen"? Je pense que la faute est a moi, parce que j´ai changé mon nom a G+. Bon weekend!

  3. Help ! I'm painting some French regiments for the American Revolution, one of which is the Guadeloupe colonial regiment and I'm having trouble finding uniform painting details for the drummers. Can you help or point me to a suitable site?
    Thanks you.

    1. Hi,
      Did you try to ask this question on TMP's pages? I think this is the best solution...

  4. Hi Phil (and friends). It`s Steve here (and Hils), I used to run the Games Cupboard (TGC) blog but stopped and gave it to Dave Stone many months back. I knew I wanted to take a break and if I returned I wanted to do something historical with more depth and weight (endless fantasy bores me a little bit I am afraid).

    So I wanted to ask you a question. I want to get back into Napoleonics (my first love as a child) and have been thinking of Commands and Colours.. as its easy on my old eyes, and I don't have to paint endless rows of soldiers. Do you think this series of games is deep and rich enough to sustain the serious gamer? I am thinking of using the components from the boxes, but making my own 3D terrain to make the experience more attractive.

    In my ignorance (as a Napoleonic newbie) I find this game and its many expansions has everything I want... but I worry that I may find it too shallow in the long run?

    Your thoughts on this would be gratefully received :-)


    1. Hi Steve (and Hils)...so sorry, don't know anything about these rules, we only play our own fast play system...May be something on You Tube, a littl tuto? All the best to you and yours, hope everything's going fine for both of you...

    2. Thanks Phil, yes we`ve been gaming away very happily here, as much (if not more) than ever. I`m pretty sure Commands and Colours is the route for me to take... was just curious on your feedback is all :-)))

      All the very best

      Steve (and Hils)

  5. Killistra hex tiles, and beautiful 54mm miniatures.. that's the direction we have taken. Looks easy and pleasing to the eye (and makes it easier for this `old dog` to paint :)